Joe Cornish + The Fabelmans, Plane, All The Beauty And The Bloodshed, Unwelcome

Episode 165,  Jan 26, 09:03 PM

Matt Maytum sits down with Joe Cornish to discuss his new show Lockwood & Co while Jane Crowther and Ashanti Omkar discuss the BAFTA and Oscar award nominations plus weigh up Spielberg's The Fabelmans, Gerard Butler's Plane, opioid activism doc All The Beauty And The Bloodshed and folk horror Unwelcome. Plus what is Spielberg's greatest film?

Total Film
00.00– 06.30 Intro a
06.35 – 16.10 Exclusive interview with Joe Cornish talking about his brand new Netflix show Lockwood and Co
16.15 – 23.50 Review of The Fabelmans
23.55 – 31.25 Review of Plane
31.30 – 39.10 Review aof All The Beauty and the Bloodshed
39.15 – 48.45 Review of Unwelcome  
48.55 – 57.20 Listener’s question followed by Outro