Halloween II

Jan 27, 04:55 AM

Tonight…prepare to learn the shocking secret behind Michael’s madness and why it took a six pack of beer to reach this lame plot twist….it’s Halloween II!

“You don’t know what death is!”

Were those gunshots or just firecrackers? Who knows? But I’ll tell you one thing, no one is safe while Dr. Loomis is out on the streets– I mean, Michael. No one is safe while Michael Myers is out on the streets. (...but really, Dr. Loomis. We gotta talk, buddy.)

I’m your host, Dave, and joining me again as we burn this mother down is fellow horror fan and - gasp - my brother!: Nick “Immortan” Hoof.

Topics of discussion in this episode include the Shining-esque creepiness of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital; we talk about the suffering the original Michael Myers mask endured via secondhand smoke; and finally, we can’t help but wonder if Dr. Loomis was the one teaching Michael about this Samhain business.

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The Apocalypse Video Halloween Retrospective will return with the night No One comes home with Halloween III: Season of the Witch.