Part 2: Julie Mackay Cracks a 31-year-old Cold Case Homicide

Episode 83,   Jan 31, 05:00 AM

Julie Mackay rose through the ranks of a British police force to crack a murder that had remained unsolved for thirty-one years.

Melanie Road was raped and murdered in Bath, Somerset, England on June 9th, 1984. Even though the case was investigated thoroughly, no suspects were ever developed. Detective Sergeant Julie Mackay, Avon and Somerset Police, discovers  a file from the original investigation that intrigues her - green blood. For six years, Julie worked tirelessly to get justice for Melanie. Through failed marriages and problems with her children, Julie thought suicide might be her answer. But Melanie, and her mother Jean, pulled Julie through her darkest times. This is the story of perseverance and how one woman made a difference three decades later.

Get her book To Hunt a Killer HERE, and listen to the podcast about the case Catching Melanie’s Killer HERE.