Season 1, Episode 12,   Jan 31, 2023, 05:00 AM

Joining us in The Bunker today is writer Stephen Wyatt. Over a career that spans very nearly 50 years he’s written extensively for stage, radio and TV. But this is a Doctor Who podcast, so we know him best for two Seventh Doctor adventures: The Greatest Show In The Galaxy and Paradise Towers. It was through this latter story that Stephen came into the Cutaway Comics fold, as he gave his blessing – and input – for our sequel, written by Sean Mason, Paradise Found. He’s recently written an audio play Me & Him & Who, telling the touching story of John Nathan-Turner and Gary Downie, whom Stephen knew well, in the years after Doctor Who was taken off the air.

Stephen’s website can be found at and his five choices to take with him into The Bunker are:

1. An Unearthly Child (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1963)
2. Paradise Found (comicbook, Cutaway Comics’ sequel to Stephen’s 1987 Doctor Who TV story, Paradise Towers) 
3. The Paradise Towers Collection (Obverse Books, comprising of Wallscrawler, Build High For Happiness and Black Archive #61: Paradise Towers by John Toon. Available to buy here:
4.The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1988-1989)
5. Me & Him & Who (audio drama by Stephen Wyatt, first released on CD from AUK Studios 2022. More info here:

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