Secret Recipes of Unusual Headstones

Season 5, Episode 1,  Feb 01, 12:27 AM

Brooklyn NY, Logan Utah and Castor Louisiana have something in common--a small but unique, could we call it a micro trend--of recipes being engraved on headstones. The usual details are there, but something else is there too, showing these good souls (and their families) were thinking out of the – recipe box? hmmm? These are what I’m calling the Secret Recipes of Unusual Headstones.

Let’s wipe away the dusty cobwebs at the edges of our memories. Did you ever take a pencil or crayon and take a rubbing of an image? When you make a rubbing, it’s like magic seeing the reproduction of the surface appear, although you rub the crayon across the surface to get the desired reproduction. Maybe it was an embossed book or a sampler of autumn leaves showing their shapes and textures? Or maybe you know someone or have done this yourself, taken a rubbing from a place you’ve visited whether for the art, a memoir–or for the information.

So far, so not spooky you say? Let’s just remember to keep your flashlights close as we head into the Whispering Gallery AND the cemetery! Join me to discover a handful of headstones worthy of a photo, a rubbing and yes, even a recipe card.

Episode Music: Toy Piano Boogie by The Piccadilly Pipers, public domain

Photo Source: Ellie Burgin

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