DJ GlibStylez - The INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mixshow Vol.161

Episode 161,  Feb 01, 06:11 PM

I present to you.. Vol.161 of the INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mix Series! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT FAVORITE BUTTON!! As always the vibes are underground, experimental, chill, soulful, lo-fi boom bap beats & treats! SEE TRACKLIST in comment section and PLEASE SHOW THESE ARTISTS SOME LOVE on social media, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify & ITunes! Salute to everyone that supports this mix series! If you're feeling the vibes FAVORITE REPOST & SHARE this mix! Direct link to previous episodes to this mix series:
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  1. DJ GlibStylez x Reese Tanaka - BBS INTRO 2023
  2. Blak Madeen x Stalley - Draw The Curtains (C-Doc Remix) [cuts by Cheese]
  3. ILLtemper x Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Devil's In Disguise (ft. VersaTilla)
  4. Mr Scratch Hook - La Muerte (ft. Sacx One x Mic Mountain x Godhead the General)
  5. BlabberMouf - Proper Impact (Prod. by Truffel The Phunky Phaqir)
  6. Thought Provokah - Peace
  7. PiFF Penny - That's It
  8. E-Turn - Nowadays
  9. Jibbarish x C.o.n.vERS - Work Flow (Prod. by DJ Evi-Denz cuts by Kompoze)
  10. Megaton SP - Street Lights On (Prod. by Illastrate)
  11. Aida x Hilltop Productions - Once Upon Time
  12. Bobby J From Rockaway x Nef - Mind Body & Soul (ft. Michael Fiya) 
  13. Wildelux - 24/7 (cuts by DJ Rad MK)
  14. Kev Brown - So Sincere
  15. FURY - Get Away (ft. Mic Logik)
  16. Bob Catt The Legend - Ever Wonder
  17. ZAZA GOD - Rorschach (ft. Niqua)
  18. Moka Only x Dasoul Ution - It's Alright Tho
  19. D'Vibes - Superbad (ft. Philly G & M-Dot)
  20. Oddisee - Choices (ft. Phonte, Bemyfiasco, Kay Young)
  21. Frisco Boogie - B.A.R.S. (ft. Billy Biznizz)
  22. Vursatyl - Hard On The Boulevard (ft. Lunden Benard x Krispy Hendrixx)
  23. TUAMIE - How To Count Numbers
  24. Skyzoo x The Other Guys - Apologies In Order
  25. Bobby J From Rockaway x Nef - Leaving (ft. Wais P x Street Smartz)
  26. AMV One - Head Knock
  27. Supreme Cerebral - Ice Grill (ft. Alphabetic Prod. by Pete Twist)
  28. Mickey Blue - Don't Blink (ft. Copywrite x M-Dot cuts by Tone Spliff)
  29. Jelani Lateef - Concern
  30. Quanstar x Poe Mack - Now and Forever
  31. MRK SX - Make Some Noise (Prod. by Clint Taylor)
  32. Bleach x Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Lunchroom Cyphers (cuts by DJ Cold Crush)
  33. Aylyv - Doing Well (ft. Trey Libra)
  34. Venuz Beats - Struggle Is Beautiful (ft. Udo)
  35. 88BlessedBeats - Roman Candles (ft. Jamil Honesty x Ace Cannons)
  36. Tusco x Chè Noir - Home Street Home 
  37. Alfa Mist - 4th Feb (Stay Awake)
  38. BEEDAKING - Ball and Chain
  39. Crotona P - My Keepsake (Prod. by Kiza G)