High On Health: Talking Marijuana

Episode 176,   Feb 05, 2023, 10:00 PM

There's a lot of discussion about cannabis, the stigma around it, and it's role in holistic medicine. So, in this episode we thought we'd chat to a doctor who has branched out into that side of medicine to hear how it works from a chemical level.

It’s time to talk Marijuana

Okay, straight up… We’re just going to apologise for the sound quality on this one as our microphones weren’t working. But the content in this podcast makes up for it, we promise. 

In this episode, Mitch and Mills are joined by everyone’s favourite doctor Dave, to talk about the legalisation of cannabis, its use in holistic and western medicine, and how to balance the scepticism with the potential benefits of its use. 

Here’s our top three takeaways:
  1. The history of cannabis is SO much more complex than we thought! 
  2. There’s a whole network in the human body called the Cannabinoid System that deals with these molecules and chemicals. 
  3. Cannabis is just one tool to assist with transformation. Like everything in your life, healing requires balance with lifestyle, mindset, and much more.
If you enjoy this episode stay tuned because we’ve got a part 2 with Dr. Dave coming next week!