Is Bryan Kohberger A Quiet Loner With Rage Against Women?

Episode 2,  Feb 02, 04:16 AM

Bryan Kohberger, was allegedly a quiet loner with control and OCD fixations, and unresolved anger issues who struggled to make and maintain relationships with women and people. And now, he’s being charged with first-degree murder of four Idaho college students.

According to reports, the individual suspected of murdering four students at the University of Idaho maintained a low profile in the apartment complex where he lived near Washington State University. As a result, some of his neighbors were unaware that the alleged murderer lived nearby.

According to a statement released by the school, Bryan Kohberger, 28, who was charged with four counts of first-degree murder, went back to college after the killings and completed his first semester as a doctoral student studying criminal justice. Kohberger is facing four counts of first-degree murder.

Justin Williams went on to say to FOX news that he rarely saw the person who is suspected of killing Kohberger.

"That was the only time I saw him, he went to check his mail. "Other than that, I've only seen him like twice in my entire time here, and I've lived here since July 2021," Williams said, adding that he observed "nothing remarkable" in Kohberger's conduct. Williams has lived here since 2021.

Shawn Domgaard, a PhD student at Washington State University who is 36 years old, stated that the news of the arrest just a few feet from his house is "difficult to accept."

Fox News quoted a man from Utah who is a native of the state and a father of three young children as saying, "It's just so, like I said, a high contrast to what we're used to.

Prosecutor Thompson told reporters at a press conference on Friday that additional information on the murders and the investigation that led to Kohberger's arrest will remain sealed in a probable cause affidavit until he is extradited back to Idaho. The reason for this is that Idaho state law requires the information to be kept confidential.

In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, Kohberger is being held without the possibility of bond. On January 3, he will appear before an extradition hearing.

According to one of the suspect's old friends, the criminology PhD student suspected of murdering four classmates at the University of Idaho changed into an aggressive and violent bully toward the end of high school.

Nick Mcloughlin, from Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, told the Daily Beast that he was shocked to find that his high school friend Bryan Christopher Kohberger was arrested on Friday in relation to the horrible slayings that took place in November.

According to Mcloughlin, the two remained close throughout their adolescent years as pals. They spent half of their days at Pleasant Valley High School and the other half attending the technical school in Monroe County for classes on how to operate with heating and air conditioning systems.

However, the relationship came to an end after Mcloughlin stated that Kohberger went through a change in personality within the course of one summer.

According to one of Kohberger's former friends, he also started taking boxing lessons and could not wait to put his newly acquired talents to use.

"He was constantly looking for a battle with somebody, and he bullied other individuals. "We started isolating him from our buddy circle because he was 100 totally a different person," Mcloughlin said, adding that the change in personality came as a complete shock to the pals and remained a mystery to them.

According to The Daily Beast, Kohberger attended Northampton Community College after graduating from Pleasant Valley High School. In 2018, he received a degree in psychology from Northampton Community College.

Kohberger maintained his position as a school security officer in the Pleasant Valley School District for a number of years until resigning from his employment there a year ago.

After that, in 2022, he attended DeSales University and earned a master of arts degree in criminal justice there.

When Kohberger was still a student at the institution, he made a post on Reddit seeking participation from former inmates in a research survey he was conducting on "how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime." In the survey, he asked the criminals about the manner in which the criminals approached their victims and whether or not they had planned the crime in advance.

According to a relative, the suspect in the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students disturbed his family with his strange eating habits. The victims were killed when he stabbed them.

An aunt of Bryan Kohberger who is no longer related to him told The Post in an exclusive interview on Friday afternoon that her nephew's food restrictions were "very, very unusual."

"It was above and above being vegan," said the aunt, who declined to be identified but said she was previously married into the family and had been brought into the vegan lifestyle by her husband.

Because he would not consume anything previously used to prepare meat, his aunt and uncle were forced to purchase brand new cookware. He gave off the impression of having obsessive-compulsive disorder."

During a news conference held on Friday afternoon, the Chief of Police for the city of Moscow stated that detectives are still hunting for the knife that was used in the killing of four students from the University of Idaho in November.

According to the records, Kohberger was arraigned in Pennsylvania on Friday morning, and he is still being held without bond in anticipation of his extradition hearing on January 3.

The suspect has the choice to renounce their extradition rights and return voluntarily to the state of Idaho. But if he decides not to, the Moscow police will have to start the process of extradition through the governor's office, which Fry said may take some time.

Prosecutors have stated that their work is not even close to being finished despite the fact that a suspect has been charged.

“This is not the end of this investigation. In fact, this is a new beginning,” Thompson said Friday night.

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