How Did Kohberger Learn To Kill?

Episode 2,  Feb 02, 04:18 AM

Today we dive deeper into the psychology and personality of alleged murderer Brian Kohberger.

Imagine being a student or currently working in the criminology world.

Can you think back to your time in school and think, wow, that one student OR PROFESSOR was acting a bit strange?

Could he or she have been going to school to prepare themselves to commit a murder?

Purely speculation, but there is talk that Kohberger’s schooling was teaching him how to become a better criminal.

How to most effectively commit a crime and get away with it.

With the information we have seen thus far, particularly the research study conducted, it’s becoming increasingly harder to think otherwise.

Then Imagine a parent’s thoughts and perspective.

You raise your child the very best you can, to be supportive of allowing them to go to school to pursue their dreams.

Only to find out they are choosing to learn more to allow themselves to commit the perfect murder.

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