Did Kohberger Murder Before?

Episode 2,  Feb 02, 04:21 AM

Bryan Kohberger, waving his right of extradition, and will very soon begin his journey back to Idaho to face four charges of first-degree murder for the brutal stabbings of four college students in November on the University of Idaho Campus.

Reporter Brain Entin Tweeting this:

Bryan Kohberger waived his extradition hearing. He had to sign a waiver in court. The  judge explained to Kohberger the charges against him in Idaho and that he was voluntarily allowing authorities to transfer him to Idaho.

Kohberger told the judge he is not on any medication that would impact him making the decision. The judge said he has to be sent to Idaho within 10 days.

Kohberger came into court and made eye contact with his family sitting in the front row. He nodded at them. His mom cried and his sister comforted the mom. A deputy brought her tissues.

A representative for Kohberger is eager to get back to Idaho to be exonerated.

Scott Roder – Evidence Specialist with Evidence Room Forensic Reconstruction, in Cleveland, he joins us to discuss the case and what may be to come.

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