MP S06.E09: Attack Of The Scalpel Woman

Feb 06, 10:00 AM

Mrs. Shaw continues coming for Michael, and doesn't care who else gets hurt in the process.

Once again, the doctors are in disarray! When Peter bails Coop out of jail, Michael turns on both of them, convinced that even if Coop didn't physically pull the trigger at the beach house, he's behind the person who did. Michael's so fired up about finding the shooter that even Megan gets curious enough to join in the investigation. Coop himself is pretty shocked when Mrs. Shaw accosts him outside his apartment, and quickly figures out she's the culprit; since his was not his endgame with Michael, he informs her that he's going to send her back to Cleveland and have her check herself into a mental institution. PROBLEM SOLVED. At the same time, Peter -- a medical doctor -- can tell Lexi isn't quite herself, but not that she's pretty obviously going into withdrawal after running through the last of her tranquilizers. Jennifer is inspired by Billy and Sam's engagement to try to corner Craig into committing to dating her, and won't take "my wife was killed in front of me nine episodes ago so I'm not really ready" for an answer. And as Eric's deadline to take over Kyle's and Amanda's Business Business Business Businesses arrives, Amanda does some soul-searching as to how far she's willing to go to save them. We're slicing and dicing everyone involved in our podcast on "Attack Of The Scalpel Woman"!


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