Discussing: Jack Straw with Tony Tambasco

Episode 250,   Feb 10, 09:00 AM

Discussing the play Jack Straw with a producer of a production

It's another 'Lost' discussing episode, with this 2019 (ye gods! we're so sorry!) chat about The Life and Death of Jack Straw produced by Bad Quarto in 2016 by our guest Tony Tambasco.
You can follow our guest on Twitter at - tony@badquarto.org
More info about the production, including clips, can be found here.  http://badquarto.org/showPages/2016_jackStraw.php
And, of course, here's our playlist of all the audio Jack Straw things... https://audioboom.com/playlists/4629941-the-life-and-death-of-jack-straw
Plus our exploring session on YouTube - https://studio.youtube.com/video/yohgz7LhDuM/edit

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