Melissa in the Morning: Guns at CT Schools

Feb 08, 2023, 03:01 PM

  1. 2023 is proving to be a challenging year with guns in Connecticut schools. A Hamden student is accused of bringing a gun to his school and hiding it in a closet. We spoke with our news partners, Ken Houston, about the latest on the investigation. ((00:00))
  2. Fairfield University is being recognized on a national level and helping to bolster the pipeline of nurses across the country. We heard from the Dean of the School of Nursing at Fairfield U and what an expansion in Texas will mean for the nation. ((06:15))
  3. Bridgeport has given the greenlight to another recreational mairjuana shop. We got business perspective from the President of the BRBC, Dan Onofrio, on this. ((12:31))
  4. Science You May Not Know: Fossils show how much dinosaurs fight...a lot! ((27:55))

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