Why Does An Economist Care About CBDCs?

Episode 6,   Feb 22, 2023, 11:00 AM

In episode 6, our host Jannah Patchay, Policy Lead and one of the originating members of the Digital Pound Foundation, speaks to James Pomeroy, Global Economist at HSBC. In a time where many regions around the world are increasingly moving away from cash, Central Bank Digital Currencies can offer people similar levels of privacy and accessibility, however, there’s often a misconception that governments and central banks will use the technology to oversee and control what people can spend their money on. In this podcast, James explains why such an overreach by governments and central banks is highly unlikely, and on the contrary, could provide the mechanism to deliver faster and more targeted support for people and families, as well as the all-important data, in real-time, to help avoid periods of high inflation and recession.