Season 1, Episode 14,   Feb 14, 2023, 05:00 AM

This week’s episode is with comicbook artist Martin Geraghty, well known for his many years working on the main strip for Doctor Who Magazine. He’s currently part of the Cutaway Comics team and provided brilliant art for Demons of Eden, written by Ian Winterton, and is just finishing up Faustine: Princess of Tharil from the pen of Stephen Gallagher which will be published very soon. The interview took place in Martin’s kitchen which has a tiled floor – something you’ll hear Martin’s dog Indiana scrabbling about on, there may also a bark or two...

Martin’s five choices to take with him into The Bunker are:

1. Inferno (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1970)
2. The Seeds of Doom (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1976)
3. The Horror of Fang Rock (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1977)
4. The City of Death (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1979)
5. The Tides of Time (Comic strip story, first published in Doctor Who Monthly, 1982)

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