Quantum Entanglement, Kinetic Belief, Mind Projection, Perfecting Life

Episode 328,   Feb 14, 2023, 10:09 PM

Steve and Meg discuss new rules emerging from quantum physics changing fundamental science. Steve explains how we can literally re-construct reality. “The many-worlds theory says that the universe is constantly branching into multiple parallel universes, each representing a different outcome of every possible event.  In this theory, each universe is real, but they cannot interact with each other.  The only reason it’s controversial is because it’s so difficult to test - experimentally, at least for now. But where there is an overriding consensus is, this means that the entire universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest celestial object, is governed by quantum rules. Now, this is where things get to be mind blowing exciting.  Human consciousness has the ability to shape reality through the act of observation. When a person holds a belief, that’s called a kinetic belief.  And it has the power to influence their kinetic energy, or their intentional movements, and ultimately determine the state of their reality.  So this is now science.  But this is also the principle of faith that Jesus taught and demonstrated in his own life, encouraging people to believe in what they cannot see rather than basing their lives on what they can observe. But regardless of who you are, or where in the world you live, here’s the challenge, everybody’s everyday experiences seem to be defined by what’s called, classical laws of physics, which cause most people to believe that they are separate from some alien, quantum world, a place far far away, where particles are attracted to each other, even from great distances. In reality, the truth is, the classical rules are simply the result of quantum rules acting on large numbers of big objects. So what we understand to be true in strange, quantum rules, also applies to our every day, grown up lives.”  

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