December 1989 Teen Life: Sobbing, Speculums & Saving The Planet

Feb 21, 10:00 AM

It's a double issue, but don't cry! Especially not at someone else's birthday party.

Sassy's first and only double issue kicks off with a classic bummer: the story of teenager Billy Rosebud, whose murder cops only bothered to look into after his own family spent years doing most of the investigating for them. From there, things lighten up, as Karen tells us what to expect from a gynecologist appointment, Christina walks us through a truly cathartic crying fit, and Mary Kaye attempts to help us save the planet. (Whoops.) Plus: a fiction story about a dad's hypocrisy (yes, we know, that's all fiction for teen girls); a stark warning about extended-wear contacts; the truth about hickeys, and much much more!


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🎧 It Is December 1989

🎧 Feature: What Happened To Billy Rosebud?

🎧 Feature: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Going To The Gynecologist…And Then Some

🎧 Feature: Your Guide To The Perfect Crying Fit

🎧 Feature: 10 Ways You Can Save The Planet Right Now

🎧 Fiction: Waiting

🎧 Body Talk

🎧 Help

🎧 It Happened To Dave

🎧 It Happened To Me: My Dad’s Adoring Students Didn’t Know He Was A Violent Alcoholic

🎧 Stuff You Wrote

🎧 Goodbye For Now

🎧 Tara Gets An A+

🎧 So Much Coffee

🎧 A Cold One


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🚨 "Murdered Woman Was Forgotten Victim" at

🏛️ "Individuals Can't Solve The Climate Crisis. Governments Need To Step Up" at

🌍 Help Save Planet Earth on

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