So You Wanna Be A Gym Girly? Fitness Tips & Our Past w/ Disordered Eating

Season 1, Episode 110,   Feb 20, 2023, 11:00 AM

***TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we talk about eating disorders, calorie counts, body weight, and other ED patterns so please be aware of this before listening to this episode. We are also not registered dietitians or doctors so please consult your physician on any matters regarding your health.

We are so excited to switch things up this week and bring you a more knowledge based episode regarding our fitness routines and mindsets. Syd and Soph chat keto diets, disordered eating, reverse dieting, current workout splits, sleep, nutrition we live by, and even tips on how to grow a juicy booty. Keep in mind, this conversation is based upon our opinions, preferences, and what has worked for us -unless stated otherwise. We do share some evidence based research supporting the importance of carbs, reverse dieting, and eating enough to support your metabolism and hormones. This week is a good mix of opinion, fact, and as always some straight candid moments. Stick around to hear one of the craziest listener moments yet. hint: taking a pee w/ your step dad. Enjoy babes! 

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