OnlyStans, a Successful Open Relationship & The P**n Industry Truths w/ Candice

Season 1, Episode 111,   Feb 27, 2023, 11:00 AM

Candice, otherwise known as Eva Lovia, joins the pod today with CANDID topics that Syd & Soph have never touched on.
Candice opens up about her past in the adult film industry, when she KNEW it was her destiny, how she continues OnlyStans as a mom of 2, & how Candice navigates being in an open relationship. Were you ever worried what people would think? Is every open relationship destined to fail? How do you chat with a partner about having a customized open relationship? She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and avid learner - so learn alongside us as we chat CANDIDLY about things we've all had curiosity around.

When we were reading Candice's bio, this stood out to us: "Her mission is to inspire people to expand their curiosity, think independently, and not be afraid of our messiness" - Because life is so messy! So listen with open minds & ears! Candice fits right into our candid crew! ENJOYYYYYY!

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