Getting Comfortable With The Company You Keep

Episode 447,   Feb 22, 10:00 AM

Krystal Farmer returns for ABC's new heist-family drama, plus Leverage tries to break into the Canon and an actress-c.v. Game Time!

The Two Cents Plus Tax podcast's Krystal Farmer is back, and we picked her a good one this time -- to everyone's surprise! ABC's new Soderberghian con-fam rom-com isn't perfect, but it's cast really well, has good romantic andfamilial chemistry, and seems to think it's on premium cable, and for whatever reason, it works for us. (And so, for a change, does Sarah Callies!) After a list of mostly favorable comparisons to other heist shows, we went Around The Dial with Canadian hotel TV, Hunters, The 12th Victim, and Picard before Mlle. Caroline checked the Canon's motion sensors with the pilot episode of Leverage. Poker Face won, FX and On Hulu lost, and Pottsy is fine -- at writing games around actresses' IMDb entries. Finish RSVPing for the Aldis Hodge Appreciation Society banquet later; it's time for an all-new Extra Hot Great.


👤 Krystal Farmer


Lead Topic: 🕵️ The Company You Keep

Around The Dial: 🦫 Canadian Hotel TV

Around The Dial: 👀 Hunters

Around The Dial: 🔪 The 12th Victim

Around The Dial: 🪐 Star Trek: Picard

The Canon: 😩 Leverage S01.E01: The Nigerian Job

Winner & Loser: 👍 Poker Face

Winner & Loser: 👎 B.J. Novak

Game Time: 🎭 Re-Role Playing Game


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