Understanding Your Inner Wound

Episode 179,   Feb 26, 2023, 10:00 PM

Everyone loves to avoid an inner wound. We'll slap a bandage on it and put that bad-boy out of harms way. But in doing this we often forget that this means we also stop using part of us. We become less whole. So listen in to this episode to understand your inner wound and how to 'heal' them.

Want to know the simplest sign that you’re hiding an inner wound?

You’re repeating the same cycles

When you get stuck in a repetitive rut; whether it’s with your finances, your relationships, your friends, or your family, this behaviour is a sure bet that there’s something deeper you’re trying to avoid.

Step one on any growth journey is realising that whether it’s a glass ceiling or a Bandaid, there're many ways we’ll dress up the stuff we don’t want to face or push past.

So are you ready to understand your inner wounds and heal them? Then make sure you listen to this episode of our podcast Dorothy and the Dealer.