Ibiza - The Reset Rebel meets Balearic Author Christian Len

Episode 156,   Feb 24, 2023, 05:00 AM

Some people talk about writing books, some people actually do.
In ibiza that is no mean feat.
Hearing the story of how Christian Len gathered more than 80 interviews from the characters of the island in oral form and transformed them into Balearic - a book dedicated to charting the club history of the island, felt like a chat worth having.
We also used to work together at Ibiza Sonica Radio when I first arrived to the island and I was Director of Pioneer DJ Radio, but only briefly. 
I could not handle my office being the broadcast studio and listening to techno all day and I I left right after three months.  In  todays conversation, we also talk musicology and why some sounds aggravate while others soothe. Plus what it means to be in a talking body. Christian recently became a part of a brand new association to support the DJ community of the island and got married.
He is a busy man and we loved todays chat.
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