Images Found on Kohberger's Phone: A Clue to the Tragic Murders in Moscow, Idaho? #KohbergerTrial #MoscowMurders #JusticeForVictims

Feb 27, 02:00 PM

In November 2022, the small town of Moscow, Idaho was rocked by the brutal murders of four young students. The man accused of these crimes is Bryan Kohberger, a 28-year-old criminal justice major and PhD student at Washington State University. When police searched Kohberger's phone, they found multiple images of one of the murdered students. This discovery has raised questions about the potential relationship between Kohberger and the victim, and whether or not he was paying attention to her in the months leading up to the murders. The trial of Bryan Kohberger has become one of the most closely watched in the country, with the presentation of evidence and the verdict on the authenticity of the 911 call playing a crucial role in determining the outcome. The discovery of the images on Kohberger's phone has sparked a national conversation about the dangers of stalking and the consequences of not taking such behavior seriously. The trial is set to begin on June 26th, with the nation watching closely and hoping for justice for the four young lives that were taken too soon. #KohbergerTrial #MoscowMurders #JusticeForVictims

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