0032 China vs. Scotland

May 30, 2012, 01:49 PM, Gansu, China

Guess what? The Chinese are now claiming golf as their invention. Of course, they didn’t call it golf; they called it chuiwan, which means “hit ball” and is much harder to say. The Scots are not convinced. So what if 14th century silk paintings show Chinese courtiers playing a game using clubs to hit a small white ball into holes in the ground? Who cares if a book about the game was published as early as the 13th century? The Scots have some questions: Did they play 18 holes? What were the rules? Were those really holes in the painting or just target plates stuck in the ground? If you think this kind of territoriality is silly, just imagine how you’d feel if the Chinese claimed they’d invented, well, basketball. #ceas #china #hacker #tsutsui

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