0045 Genghis Offspring

May 30, 2012, 02:31 PM, Bürd, Övörkhangai, Mongolia

Genghis Khan: conqueror, leader, extreme progenitor. It’s said that as many as 16 million males in the geographic area once known as the Mongolian Empire carry the genetic signature of this 13th Century potentate. The heirs of Genghis Khan include emperors, military leaders and, for one brief, shining moment, a professor of accounting at the University of Miami. Oxford Ancestors, a DNA testing service, identified Genghis’s haplotype on Thomas Robinson’s Y chromosome, but another testing firm said they were wrong. So instead of being flown to Mongolia for induction into the royal line, Professor Robinson is still in Florida teaching deductions from the budget line. #ceas #hacker #mongolia #tsutsui

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