Closing arguments highlight Murdaugh's lack of credibility #GuiltyOrInnocent

Mar 01, 09:11 PM

The prosecution in the trial of Alex Murdaugh continued their closing arguments, reminding the jury of the defendant's lies and false timeline. The prosecution highlighted Murdaugh's lack of credibility and inconsistencies in his testimony, leaving no stone unturned in their final push for justice. As the trial comes to a close, the jury must now deliberate on the evidence presented and determine whether Murdaugh is guilty or innocent of the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. With the verdict day fast approaching, the nation waits with bated breath to see what decision the jury will reach. #JusticeForMaggiePaul #TrialOfTheCentury #GuiltyOrInnocent #FinalCountdown #VerdictDay #JuryDeliberations #JusticeServed #TrialUpdate #JuryDecision #TrialConclusion

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