Should You Rock Out With Daisy Jones And The Six?

Episode 449,   Mar 08, 2023, 10:00 AM

Kari Race joins us for Amazon Prime's Fleetwood Mac-umentary, plus a Bob's Burgers for the Canon and much more!

We're thrilled to welcome first-time guest Kari Race to talk about Amazon's limited-series adaptation of Daisy Jones And The Six; we're less thrilled by the show, which is handsome to look at, but...knows that, and doesn't move fast enough. We also talk about bad wigs, resting dickface, "the Studio 60 rule," and the character whose story we really wanted to see instead. Later, we went Around The Dial with a MAFS micro-update, Cunk On Earth, the new Quantum Leap, and the rogue ampersand of Dick Wolf's Blood & Money. Then Kari served up a third-season episode of Bob's Burgers for the Canon. Toy cars won, Vanderpump stars lost, and we all thanked the Academy (meaning Seth) for an award-winning Game Time. Don't talk to Wig Cop without an attorney present; it's an all-new Extra Hot Great.


👤 Kari Race


Lead Topic: 🥁 Daisy Jones And The Six

Around The Dial: 🌍 Cunk On Earth

Around The Dial: 🦘 Quantum Leap (2022)

Around The Dial: 🩸 Blood & Money

Around The Dial: 💨 Air Quotes

The Canon: 🍔 Bob's Burgers S03.E12: Broadcast Wagstaff School News

Winner & Loser: 👍 Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge

Winner & Loser: 👎 Tom Sandova

Game Time: 🏆 Gold Rush


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