Unlock Loans Through Digital Assets With Shreyans Nahar of Finsire

Season 6, Episode 127,   Mar 09, 2023, 08:45 AM

We chat with Shreyans Nahar CEO of Chennai based Finsire who is building infrastructure to aggregate and secure digital assets so that Banks, NBFCs, and Fintechs can lend against them. 

Their solution allows creditors and asset-holding brokers to maximise their lending capabilities and create an additional source of revenues by lending against earned income (for salaried employees) or digital assets (such as life insurance). This is done by permitting the lenders to leverage Finsire’s infrastructure that connects with employers and asset originators (i,e Life insurance companies, and CAMS) to enable secured credit to individuals.

In India, there are 1bn people who own an account at a bank or at other financial institutions, out of which 810m are credit eligible. However, only 50% of the country's working population of 400 million people is credit active, having at least one loan or credit card. Rest end up going through a tedious process of pledging their hard assets. And that's the gap companies like Finsire aim to plug. 

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