Leading a chocolate revolution, with Chantal Coady OBE, founder of The Chocolate Detective

Mar 13, 04:00 AM

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Chantal Coady OBE – AKA The Chocolate Detective — is on a mission to help you uncover the finest and most ethical chocolate around.

Fuelled by a lifelong love of all things chocolate, Chantal’s business journey began at just 23, opening Rococo on the Kings Road, and stocking in the likes of Liberty, Heals and British Airways. However, there have also been extreme lows, after a terrible experience saw her lose her first business in 2019. 

Now returning to her creative chocolate roots, Chantal is using her years of knowledge and experience to guide the revolution for ethical, delectable chocolate with the utmost transparency — a mission she has been driving for the past 40 years. 

This is a life-affirming conversation that reminds us all that in whatever we pursue, passion might be the only thing that can heal us.

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