Our First Mukbang

Episode 284,   Mar 23, 12:00 AM

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The guys eat (and drink) on mic for this very special mukbang episode. Plus, Noel shares his winning strategy for NASCAR Cycling, Cody tells stories from a recent watch party and the guys reminisce on the snacks they ate during their tour. 

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0:00 Sick Spread
0:30 Intro
2:10 Super Sick
3:54 Branzino Gorilla Marketing
5:50 Sour Chemical Burn
8:53 Crickets Are Dank?
11:08 Grammarly
13:15 Last of Us Spoilers
17:09 Lowkey Lobotomy
19:22 The Speed of Murder
20:16 Cheese Plate
21:50 Gross Soda Tasting
24:44 BetterHelp
26:30 Lester’s Sodas
29:26 Ozempic Side Effects
32:11 Piss Soda
35:05 Stamps
36:42 Deer Ass Bacon Root Beer
40:46 GOAT COVID Recording Setup
41:37 Missing The Delivery Window
45:07 Oh, Mega Dinner
49:15 DoorDash
50:25 Ring Finger Flex
51:16 Cody’s Lastest Movie Reference
52:37 Watch Talk
55:10 Cody’s Custom Watch
56:34 Juicy Cycle Thighs
1:01:23 Breakfast of Champs
1:02:05 Bad Boy Drawer Tour
1:04:15 Reverse Cycling
1:07:15 E Bike Extreme