How To Turn Fear Into Empowerment

Episode 181,   Apr 02, 2023, 10:00 PM

Fear comes from a place of uncertainty. And uncertainty drives us to try and control things. True empowerment doesn't come from not being scared. But from creating the clarity to offset that uncertainty. Learn more about how to do that in this episode!

If you let it, fear will RUN your life into the freaking ground.

You see, the truth is we all like to think that we’re immune from fear. We say we’re not scared to be in a relationship, build the business of our dreams, or spend time with our own thoughts.

But how often do you hear about people trying to control these very things? They boss their partner around. Micromanage their business. Or organise every moment of their lives to be doing something.

That’s because control > comes from fear. And fear > comes from a lack of clarity. 

But when you’re able to get clear, the fear starts to melt away and you’re left feeling completely empowered! Which is what we’re chatting about in this new podcast episode.

Fix your fear today! Next time you’re scared or controlling something, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Where am I afraid?
  • Where am I not trusting?
  • Where am I not clear?