Murder in the Highlands (Fiona Torbett)

Episode 1,   Mar 29, 2023, 05:00 AM

The story of 62-year-old Fiona Torbett who disappeared in the Highlands on July 7, 1993. Fiona was a seasoned 'hill bagger' having spent many years hiking and documenting walks in the Scottish Highlands, particularly in the collection of hills known as the "five sisters". But after one such hike, she failed to return to her boarding house. What was initially assumed to be a tragic but simple hiking accident came to be viewed with suspicion, when it seemed that the boarding house manager's son may be hiding something. His many explanations ended up revealing a horrifying truth that shook the small local community.

From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults, released weekly on Wednesday.