The Bloody Trunk (Winnie Ruth Judd)

Episode 2,   Mar 29, 2023, 05:01 AM

In 1931, train workers detect a foul stench coming from a suitcase left at a Los Angeles train station. Initially, police think that the case contains illegally-smuggled meat, but when they open the suitcase, they discover a badly abused corpse. The story behind the macabre find centers on three women who lived together in a small apartment in Phoenix. What started as a strong friendship between them was put to the test when a 44-year-old man began to frequent their apartment - and started relationships with all three of them. The jealousy that ensued was a powerful force, that drove one woman to commit a heinous crime.

From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults, released weekly on Wednesday.