Roots in the Earth, Roots in the Sky - Triratna Day Special (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 440)

Episode 440,   Mar 31, 11:29 AM

We're delighted to share a special Triratna Day 2023 podcast episode with you, recorded earlier this week and hosted by our friend Jnanadhara. He's joined by Saddhanandi and Nagabodhi to discuss the upcoming online gathering of the Triratna Buddhist community on the 8th of April, which celebrates its founding in April 1967. 

Saddhanandi and Nagabodhi reminisce about past Triratna Day celebrations, recalling the excitement of travelling in large groups from Glasgow to London or Birmingham for the day or weekend. These events were like big festivals, with talks, book stalls, and the opportunity to meet people from the wider movement who might only have known through their books. Whilst often the talks given at events such as these, shaped the discourse of our community as a whole. Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist community, emphasized the importance of celebrating Buddhist festivals such as Buddha Day and Dharmachakra Day etc but also wanted the community to have its own traditions. Heeding the Buddha's famous call to come together in large numbers.

We also discuss Sangharakshita’s place within our tradition. Explored through the perspective of Is a Guru Necessary? A talk he gave in 1970. 

The theme of the day and the podcast is "Roots in the Earth, Roots in the Sky." Since its founding, Triratna has become a truly international sangha, with special - even sacred - spaces. Collaborating in the creation of these spaces has been crucial to our individual and collective growth. This Triratna Day, we celebrate the significance of such spaces in our history and the work being done to establish roots in new places today.

From Bhante's early work in England to the current efforts of Order Members in countries as diverse as New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Mexico, India, and Brazil, our community recognizes the importance of establishing and nurturing new ground for practice. As Bhante once said, for our Sangha to thrive, we need really deep roots - roots in the sky! This way of speaking about bodhichitta is embodied in the image of the cosmic Refuge Tree.

Show notes:

View the full programme of events and Join us April 08 online for a truly international gathering

The day is a collaboration between Adhisthana, FutureDharma Fund, and The Buddhist Centre online.

Nagabodhi’s new book: Sangharakshita: The Boy, the Monk, the Man

Check out photos from the early days of the movement at Triratna Picture Library


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