Vanished: Zodiac “Many Undiscovered Victims”

Season 3, Episode 5,   Apr 03, 2023, 02:19 AM

You ever heard the phrase slippery slope? Well, we’re all on one right now. This is what it’s like. An overload of information coming at you in rapid succession. Maybe that’ll be a looming theme over this season. So, in the interest and perhaps celebration of speed, Jen and I have decided to hold our thoughts on the case for a discussion that will come at the end of our series in a format we’ve only done once before on this show.

Zodiac has been hiding behind a mask and a moniker for far too long - using them as way to inflict power over the victims he choose to bring unspeakable harm to.  Now it's time that we take back that power. Welcome back to Vanished and our multi part series on the man known as Zodiac.

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