Episode 74: Shea Butter Family Affair - A Seat At The Spades Table

Episode 74,   Apr 05, 2023, 03:00 AM

Episode 74: Shea Butter Family Affair - A Seat At the Spades Table 

Welcome to episode 74 of Shea Butter FC, a podcast by, for and about Black women in soccer. In this episode, we welcome members of Black Support Groups across NWSL and MLS, to have an unfiltered discussion on the ups and downs of being a Black supporter in a predominately white USA soccer space. 
This is the launch of our programming, Shea Butter Family Affair, that explores the intersection of Black community and supporter culture across soccer .

 With the help of Jermaine from Miami’s Black Herons, we chop it up  with members of Washington DC’s Rose Room Collective (Doug and Riss) , Chicago’s Black Fires (Jake and Phil) , and members of the American Outlaws (Donald and Eboni) on the importance of community building and connection, to help correct equity and inclusion missteps within the supporter community, and look for paths forwards to continue to bring Black people and other people of color to this beautiful game. 

Come vibe with our first of many roundtable discussions and take a seat at the Spades Table !

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The photo used for this episode is a collage of pictures compiled of Black and brown supporters from Black Fires, Black Herons, and Rose Room Collective in the community and at club and US soccer games.