Crustacean Redemption Arc ft. Brian J. Alvarez

Episode 286,   Apr 06, 12:00 AM

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Tik Tok legend Brian J. Alvarez beams up with Cody. They discuss what it’s like in the GIGANTIC apple, Cocaine Bear, reasons that all animals are actually just dogs and why Vegas truly is a wonderland.

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0:00 Our Sober Stepdad
2:25 Intro
3:30 Housekeeping
3:59 Good for Your Heart
7:04 Obsessive & Extremist
9:40 Getting Drunk at Cody’s Wedding
11:21 DoorDash
12:38 Life in Australia
16:22 All About Accents
20:05 Australian Asbestos
24:22 Honey
25:32 Daisy Jones & The Six
26:22 What’s Up with Brian
28:18 Life in New York
31:10 Bruce Springsteen in NYC
34:20 Small Bladder Moments 
35:48 Bruce’s Greatest Hits 
36:58 The New Beatles
37:45 BetterHelp
39:17 Intense City Living
42:03 Cocaine Bear
46:42 SeatGeek
48:40 All Animals Are Dogs
50:25 Crab Redemption Arc
53:28 Cody’s Training Regimen 
57:03 M3GAN
58:40 Hot Guy Filter
59:50 Getting Buccal Fat Removal
1:02:30 Considering a Hair Transplant
1:04:50 Cody’s Facial Hair Eras 
1:07:38 Vegas Wonderland
1:12:52 Encore at Encore