Finding Future Wife ft. Ben Cahn

Episode 287,   Apr 13, 12:00 AM

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Trillionaire Mindset’s Ben Cahn beams up to get real vulnerable with Noel. The two of them share prior stories of horny engineering, how Ben is building XP in his life, and recent stories from their shows in NYC. Plus, they define what Gen Z slang really means.

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0:00 No Cap
0:58 Intro
2:04 Dominos & Donuts
5:15 Everything is Food
6:50 Vulnerable Podcasting
8:24 Deep Plugs
10:05 ZocDoc
11:32 Horny Engineering
14:47 Ben & Food
17:05 Allergic to Sushi
18:46 NYC Live Shows
21:36 Hello Fresh
23:15 Pontificating Performers
26:52 Ben is Fully Okay
30:49 Maxxed Out XP
33:47 Supportive Through Struggles
39:14 Accepting What Is
41:44 Future & Past Wives
44:25 Ben? He’s Still Fully OK
48:01 Achieving Ikigai
51:35 Don’t Kill Us
53:21 Guessing Slang
54:55 Ai Is Not God
56:20 Help Me!!!
57:10 Is That Ben Cahn?
58:38 Sweetfeet
59:28 Pick Me vs Stan
1:01:06 Flopcorn
1:02:10 JBen
1:03:25 More Terms
1:06:47 See Ya In After Hours