Phoenix Rising Edition

Episode 529,   Apr 06, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, the Catholic Church takes a firm stance against city planning, we learn how thoughts and prayers took down the Medellin cartel, and we’ll watch a video that was too conspiratorial for YouTube.
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Guest Links:
Learn more about American Atheists’ convention here:
TX Bill would force all classrooms to contain 10 commandments display: and replace qualified counselors with chaplains:
The Catholic argument against 15-minute cities 
Chaz Stevens demanding a ban of ALL BOOKS in public schools of Broward County, Florida:
Chaplain awarded £10k after NHS Trust said diversity 'takes precedence' over religious belief 
Evangelical douche nozzle sneaks into Nebraska school cafeteria to preach to kids:
Colombia's national police chief says exorcism and prayer used to fight crime and cartels: