Elly Flippen - Ingo Swann: Stardust Highways - Cosmic Art and Classic Recipes

Apr 06, 06:31 PM

[Listen for the EVP - at approximately 20:40-20:43.] “All humans have clairvoyant sensing facilities, and this is the reason they keep emerging in spite of any societal resistance to them.” - Ingo Swann

Exposure to Visionary Art changes you. I am so glad Elly is making Ingo's art available to a wider audience (me). His work is a catalyst for Inspiration 

Stardust Highways - Ingo Swann's Art of Entertaining, Amazon, Elly Flippen and Ingo Swann.

Elly includes some of his favorite recipes - and/or the best recreation of those. Presented with the most wonderful backdrop of Ingo's art. 

For your dining adventure - the 2 whips are well represented - cool whip and miracle whip. Not to be misled, Ingo was an amazing cook and a wonderful host. Elly describes the scene. There is at least one testimonial to the magic Ingo created, given the small work space and lack of anything resembling a professional chef's setting.

Ingo expressed a desire for his art to be experienced in person. This book offers that personal experience. The art is outstanding.

We talk about the mysterious movie deal that didn't happen. Based on his book, Star Fire. (Available on Amazon). After completing the soundtrack - the deal evaporated - and the book? Vanished from bookshelves. Ingo's response was curious.

Interesting timing? Steven Halpern has rediscovered the master tape of the film score he created with Ingo, thought to have been lost in a fire, and the entire album/disc is now available. Details about his experience with Ingo and the music project: Link.

Included are some of the stories from his childhood. The Angel encounter. And family memories.

Again, there is an EVP - Listen close at approximately 20:40-20:43.  

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