Tran-spore-mation: Why Levelling Up Starts With Cells

Episode 183,   Apr 16, 2023, 10:00 PM

Transforming takes us closer to the universe (and exactly where we need to be) - and it does this not just on an exterior level, but on a cellular one too. Listen to us chat about this topic with expert Microbiologist Lina Farfan.

We all know what transformation starts from within… but how deep does it really go?

Organs? Tissues? Cells? Molecules?

When we talk about shifting your perspective as a way of changing your life, this process isn’t something that simply takes place on an exterior level. It also happens to your cells.

Just how layered it goes is what we’re talking about with Microbiologist Lina Farfan, who returns for this special part two episode of Dorothy and the Dealer. 

Listen now to hear this science in simple terms, as well as new perspectives on antibiotic resistance, herd immunity, and how fungi have proven themselves more intelligent than humans! (well… sometimes).