Livin’ Like Matthew McConaughey

Episode 288,   Apr 20, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel are reunited and ready to spoil Succession for you! Cody shares golf stories from his recent Palm Desert trip, the art of chewing tobacco and the secret most women don’t know about balls. Plus, we check in with Matthew McConaughey’s newest project and what Crinja has been doing since he fell off.  

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0:00 Always Check for Deez 
1:25 Intro
2:30 Meme Edit Deer 
3:19 Botswana Subscribe
3:47 Cody’s Palm Desert Trip
4:20 Golfing on Par
5:24 Golf is Dangerous
8:25 Famous Golfers
10:19 Dj Kahlid’s Tik Toks
13:14 Stamps
14:42 Tee Time
15:38 Living on The Battlefield
19:36 Cody’s Golf Coach
20:32 The Golf Club Scam
24:45 Aura
26:44 Club golf
27:56 Steam Deck
29:06 Tetris Movie
30:04 Movies on Steroids 
32:03 Removable Balls
33:18 Beaver Receiver
34:41 Unhinged Bumper Sticker
35:39 The Art of Dip
37:14 Seatgeek 
38:27 Succession Spoilers
47:31 BetterHelp
49:39 Ninja Fell Off
52:16 Spy Glasses
53:31 Crinja
55:24 McConaughey’s Art of Livin’
1:05:18 Mind Mint