Welcome to the "Soft Life"

Episode 6,   Apr 16, 2023, 11:00 PM

In today's show Temika and Danielle really dig into the term "Soft Life". This term was made main stream on Social Media by a popular influencer from Nigeria. If we only go by what we see on Social Media, a lot of people can't afford to live the "soft life lifestyle". On Social Media you see a lot of people taking fancy trips, having luxury items, luxury homes and sky rise apartment.

In today's episode we really talk about how to make the "soft life" accessible to EVERYONE. We discuss how living the "TRUE LIFE" really doesn't require a lot of money. Sometimes, it really doesn't require ANY MONEY. However, it does require one to be intentional with the TIME and Resources. 

So if this is something you guys are interested in then this show is really for you. 

Again Thank You so much for listening...we really and truly appreciate. 

Love Danielle and Temika