Ep. 25: Eye on the Prize

Apr 18, 2023, 08:26 PM

After some final preparations and meaningful talks, the agents and Ipswitch are at the Atria, ready to take on Chrysalis. Ipswitch learns a thing or two about celebrities, Spar takes note of what he hears, and what he doesn't; Vellum chooses his allies carefully.

Ila Alexei is Agent Kaolin Vellum and our artist
Essay Mnktl is Agent Merim Felspar and our editor
Jordan Quiverns is everyone else and our GM
Special guest Kit Stubbs is The Queer Creeper aka Ipswitch Crowswaddle

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The People, Places, and Things of Three of Hearts!

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Our music was provided by Louie Zong.
Intro -  Dogtective; Midtro - A Worm Welcome!; Outro - Ghost + Guest.