The Body Mind Blueprint: What Your Face Says About You

Episode 185,   May 07, 2023, 10:00 PM

Did you know you can unlock the secrets of your subconscious through reading the physical body? Psychosomatic practitioner Nerida Mills is giving us insight into this in our latest episode, where she reads Mitch and Mills faces.

Can you tell a person’s relationship with their parents based on their hair? What about how reckless they are based on their nose?

Well, you might be surprised by how much our physical body gives away about the subconscious issues going on for us…

In this week’s exciting new podcast episode we’re chatting with Nerida Mills, who’s spent years studying and training in the psychosomatic field, about how ailments, trauma, and personality points show up in the body.

As she says “The body is beautiful, because it cannot lie. It expresses the truth of the moment.”

This is a MUST LISTEN if you want to unlock the secrets behind your skin, and especially if you want some (funny) insights into what Mitch and Mills' faces reveal about them!