Graeme Swann - KP's A Lying C*** - Paul Collingwood's Sexual Antics & Flintoff's Loosest Night Out!

Season 9, Episode 129,   Apr 20, 04:15 AM

We've done it ladies and gentlemen, we're the official winners of the 'Best Sports Comedy Podcast' at the global 'Sports Podcast Awards' and we owe it all to you, and to say thank you we've lined up an incredible guest today in England legend Graeme Swann. He's our most hilarious guest yet and tells some incredible stories and shares secrets about the likes of; Kevin Pietersen, Freddie Flintoff, Paul Collingwood, Adam Sanford and more! Honestly, we were shocked by how open he was with his stories and just how incredibly entertaining and funny he was - he's most definitely going to get into trouble with a lot of them after they hear this - so if you're ready to be entertained, strap in your headphones, sit back and enjoy the best sports comedy pod in the world....
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