0093 Dogs Over Babies

Jun 01, 2012, 03:24 PM, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Okay, so, you’re shopping at Matsuya, a department store on the Ginza, here in Tokyo and a youngish woman comes toward you, pushing a pram. Naturally, you take a peek inside as she passes by and, to your surprise, instead of a wee babe you find a wee dog. In a frilly t-shirt. Meet Japan’s newest demographic: Career-oriented women who choose dogs instead of babies, careers instead of motherhood. These women spend big bucks on doggie accessories, doggie parties and doggie spas. Dog moms are able to maintain control over their lives – and money – in a way that kid moms simply cannot. And no college tuition fees either.So move over Hello Kitty and make room for Hello Doggy. #ceas #hacker #japan #tsutsui