#083 The Dusty Old Brain Stairwell Issue

Episode 83,   Apr 26, 2023, 02:04 PM

Prepare yourself for this one. Not only is it packed full of all your usual Mammoth Meatballs, Ketchup Elvis hunters, Turkey Claus, Wolf-Tang Clams, Roast Beef Mothman, Bigfoot bathing, Mothership full of Alien Drones and a terrified son of Buttons... but we also get a rare peek inside Rhys' head to meet all the characters that live in there and try to make it work... and fail! Oh, and Harvard Astrophysicist AVI LOEB joins us for a quick Galileo update, to exponentially raise the IQ level and to give Dan a quick roasting. Enjoy!

**This Ep is brought to you by Rax Roast Beef, Impossible Burgers, Beyond Burgers, Mammoth meatballs, Heinz Ketchup, BMW and Button's wife's App.