A Statue In Central London

Episode 1,   Apr 27, 05:00 AM

Andy Link is no ordinary guy. He’s touched almost every iconic British subculture going - from football hooliganism, to illegal raves to the street art scene. But perhaps most surprisingly, in 2004, he masterminded the kidnapping of a Banksy statue from the centre of central London in broad daylight. Journalist Jake Warren sets out to discover who this guy really is, and what he’s got against Banksy.

From Podimo & Message Heard, this is Who Robs A Banksy?

Presented by Jake Warren
Produced and written by Bea Duncan
Music composed by Tom Biddle
Production support from Harry Stott and Blu Posner
Sound engineered by Ivan Eastley
Executive Producer for Message Heard: Sandra Ferrari
Executive Producers for Podimo: Jake Chudnow and Matt White