The Signature

Episode 2,   Apr 27, 2023, 05:00 AM

Kidnapping a statue to get revenge on someone? Seems pretty extreme. What could possibly have caused a feud that would elicit such a reaction? Jake learns the origin story, while also travelling back to Andy’s childhood - rife with political upheaval and football hooliganism - to get a better understanding of how he’s wired. And the team gets one step closer to Banksy himself…

From Podimo & Message Heard, this is Who Robs A Banksy?

Presented by Jake Warren
Produced and written by Bea Duncan
Music composed by Tom Biddle
Production support from Harry Stott and Blu Posner
Sound engineered by Ivan Eastley
Executive Producer for Message Heard: Sandra Ferrari
Executive Producers for Podimo: Jake Chudnow and Matt White